working at the cow

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As the fastest growing media agency in the UK, we’re always on the look out for great people to join the herd. At the moment were looking for account managers, digital specialists and strategists alike… If you think the herd is the place for you then send us an email at

whats life at the cow like?

We won’t fill this paragraph with a load of clichés around ‘people first’ , ‘people matter’ or whichever other worn out phrases our competitors chose to use. Of course people are the most important thing for any business such as ours, but if you want to know what its really like to work at the Cow it might be worth reading Chris’ leaving note to the team.

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‘We are extremely proud to not only be the fastest agency to achieve IPA accreditation but to also be the fastest agency to then achieve CPD Gold Accreditation’


‘In our first year we spent more on training and building an elite team (with the help of the likes of K2) than we did on office space. It was that important to the four of us then and 2 years later it’s still that important to us now


‘To us training and personal development isn’t another cost line, it’s an investment in building a highly accountable performance culture that sits at the heart of the DNA of The Free Range Media Agency. We knew that if we got this right we would quickly have a solid business built on the fundamental foundations of happy clients and happy people all creating great work, work that works, work that clients value and pay for.’