Planning a striking campaign for a striking brand

London deserves better broadband, so we wanted to show off our client, Vorboss, as a massive brand (but with a small budget). We rejected the traditional B2B formula of direct 1-to-1 messaging opting for broadcast media that embodied Vorboss’s challenger spirit – big, bold, and loud.

We created bespoke out-of-home packages at hand-picked stations, running on screens that were usually occupied by global giants (such as the giant Waterloo Motion screen). Vorboss looked like the biggest brand in the UK – but only in the areas we were targeting.

After the first four months of activity, their site traffic had nearly tripled (2.9x higher), mostly driven by an increase in brand search, reflective of the success of our brand-focused offline media. Within a year of launch, Vorboss have also increased their prompted awareness by +60% (from 10% to 16%).


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