Moving home is a highly emotive and stressful process and Savills needed a campaign that conveyed what home-moving really entails for the people going through it themselves. Naturally, an emotionally led narrative of the story “we know what it means to move” lends itself to TV – but it had to be TV done correctly.

So, we went about building a platform-agnostic video plan, completely driven by our audience’s viewing behaviours, not just what the TV stations wanted us to buy. Taking this audience-centric approach meant we didn’t fall into the traps that stated our audience was too old for modern on-demand programming, online video platforms and the cinema. Instead, rigorous audience planning, and strategies led to a plan consisting of linear TV, Cinema, Addressable BVoD and YouTube.

Measured via Savills brand tracker, the campaign saw a 9% increase in spontaneous awareness, which was the highest jump in this metric since the tracker began 5 years ago. During the campaign, Market Appraisal requests were up 43% YoY in September 2023, with organic traffic up in September 22% YoY.


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