Unapologetically smashing the stigmas on men’s health

The erectile dysfunction category is one characterised by shame. Men don’t want to talk about it and the advertising has been similarly shy – it’s sterile and boring. Most brands just plug away with euphemistic imagery in discrete media – think discrete tube car panels featuring men sitting on the end of a bed in a vest with their head in their hands being consoled by a concerned-looking partner.

Flipping the category on its head, we helped our audience find Numan through big, bold, broadcast media with fully unapologetic messaging.
We put synonyms for penises on the biggest formats possible, designed to smash the awkwardness and taboo around male sexual health. This involved buying a TV campaign featuring 12 synonyms for penis, and an out-of-home campaign that put a huge wiener (and a cock) on the most prestigious and visible 96 sheets in the country. It was the definition of bold, disruptive media planning.

Over a three-year period, Numan increased the size of their customer base by 4,840x whilst reducing their media cost-per-acquisition by –79%. Their brand awareness tripled, and this gave them the confidence to scale their media investment going forward.


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