Showing the UK why they’re Italy’s best kept secret

Modern-day foodies get recipes on TikTok, inspiration from street food, and take their cues from influencers on Instagram. The Relative Advantage for La Famiglia Rana was to break away from long-held category conventions and launch the Italian heritage brand into modern food culture.

From restaurants to pavements. From magazines to phones. From recipes to tutorials.  From big weekly shops to dinner for tonight.

With that creative, we took the content partnership into selected OOH locations in key transport hubs and proximity to store retailers, also utilising YouTube and Meta to go beyond the Mob community. We also created a La Famiglia Rana food van, putting the brand and its fresh-filled pasta slap-bang in the middle of the biggest street food markets in the UK.

The new creative achieved a 7% uplift in brand awareness and 8.5% recall on YouTube, as well as an 84% VR compared to the 30% benchmark and 76% CVR on the 5% benchmark, leading to Rana being distributed across 82% of all UK supermarkets.

Our shared ambition for 2024? To become the UK’s biggest food brand, with a x5.8 increase in media spend.


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