From m*lk to mainstream

Our 2022 campaign goal for Califia? To increase brand awareness and recruit new customers. To achieve this, naturally, we had to make Califia noticeable.

We accomplished this by running the new Calilujah! 30″ ad on BVOD and Online Video, tapping into popular shows such as The Great British Bake Off and Love Island and targeting a foodie and environmentally-aware audience. We also ran an OOH campaign showcasing Calilujah! to commuters in and around London, with various formats, including Waterloo Motion, the largest indoor screen in the UK, and bus wraps in central London. In addition to this, flyposting sites in popular cultural hubs, along with a mural in the heart of East London, boldly placed Califia at the heart of London’s coffee culture, illustrating how street art enables brands to engage with the community they inhabit. We achieved significant fame for the Califia brand on a large scale.

The results exceeded our BVOD plan’s target delivery by 12%. A YouTube campaign alongside this allowed us to drive further awareness of Calilujah!, expanding our reach and deepening the connection with our ‘plant curious’ audience. This outperformed across all key metrics, delivering +90% views and a 4% increase in Califia brand awareness.

By aligning with key cultural and contextual moments, we surpassed Califia’s campaign goals for 2022. In 2023, we are building on this momentum with a fully national campaign for the brand. Watch this space.


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